Innovate, as our name presents, we have a passion for providing information security to our clients with Innovation. We believe in innovation as our world is developing drastically and rapidly everyday with new and highly efficient technologies coming on the board. We cannot rely on our old and obsolete methods of securing information due to upgraded efficiencies of people with ideas, sometimes unpleasant and sometimes with malicious intentions. Notwithstanding, there are technologies developed and used by various government and intelligence agencies which are highly efficient, but highly unaffordable for corporates.

Innovate InfoSec Pvt. Ltd. (IIS) was established in the year 2012 under The Companies Act 1956. IIS has registered office in Karnal, Haryana, India. We have our global presence in other parts of the world, namely, India, Australia, USA, and Canada.

We provide a whole range of Information/ Cyber Security and Assurance Services to various Industries. Our teams of consultants have exceptional technical and non-technical expertise. We provide a comprehensive approach to the issues faced by our clients. Our portfolio includes:

  1. Cyber/ Information Security Service,
  2. Information Assurance Services,
  3. Managed Security Services,
  4. Investigative Services,
  5. Physical Security Services,
  6. Due Diligence Services,
  7. Cloud Security Services,
  8. Offensive Services (only for Government & Law Enforcement Agencies),
  9. Educational Services
  10. Strategic and Legal Services.

We have an in-house research and development (R&D) team that helps us in understanding and innovating new methods to provide these services.

Why Innovate InfoSec?

Our innovative teams of consultants look at the problems from an eagle eye view to seek all areas of threats. Once threats are identified our consultants brainstorms for all available and innovative ways of resolution while considering the budget of an organization. Our Company has innovative and unique way of working that keep our consultants to innovate and work harder without any pressure.

Innovate InfoSec Pvt Ltd bring innovation to the marketplace, facilitating the development of new markets, providing solutions and achieving benefits for all sectors of activity, from sciences to technology, from management to finance or trade, & thus making a positive contribution to the world.

Innovate InfoSec Pvt Ltd working culture adds value by influencing technological advances and the process of innovation by signposting the direction of future performance.